Well Integrity

Well Integrity Services

Existing recent and aging wells could suffer an early mechanical integrity problem or gradually loose mechanical integrity due cement sheath disintegration, corrosion, annuli pressure, cross zones communication, loss of barriers and consequently Loss of Control.

In production wells, the erosivity and corrosivity of formation fluids nature derives from containing high salinity or ettringite water, the deformation of well architecture, applied formation – intervention and high-pressure pumping stresses across the well profile will damage instantly or gradually the well mechanical integrity, and consequently the well loses barriers, Wellhead stability, alignment, drop in surface level, corrosion and operability of valves and leaks at the surface.

Injection wells would also go through integrity degradation based on the injected fluids chemistry, gas would contain CO2 and water will create bacteria and H2S, as well as injection volume, stress and pressure profile versus formation injectivity rate, formation stress, corrosivity and annuli pressure.

Due to the importance of the “Well” as a critical asset to the client, Dynamic Well Control offers a comprehensive Well Integrity Suite of Services from inspection, database management & digitalization, pre drilling and during well’ life risk assessment to prevention maintenance & intervention services at the wellhead level as well as the subsurface well diagnosis, intervention, restoration, recovery, to permanent plug & Abandonment if deemed more economic and best solution by the client.

Well Integrity Services

  • Wellhead & Surface Equipment Inspections, Facility Assessments
  • Site Audits; Wells, Rigs, Service Units & Equipment & Firefighting Systems
  • Surveys; Well Integrity and Downhole Diagnostics
  • Well Integrity Restoration
  • Drilling Hazard Mitigation, HPHT Analysis, Unconventional Drilling Support
  • Critical Well Plan Review / Critical Zones DWOP
  • Risk & Consequence Analysis, HazOps & Hazids
  • Plug & Abandonment Services